I’m Raj, Ph.D. student in the department of Electrical Engineering and Automation at Aalto University, Finland. I am working at the intelligent Robotics Lab with Prof. Ville Kyrki. After joining the lab in 2013, I participated in the EU-FP7 project called RECONFIG and worked in the perception, planning and control modules of multi-robot system. In particular, the scientific contributions are in the area of grasping, decentralized coordination and manipulation of heterogeneous robots. My earlier research works (N.S.C. of Taiwan supported) with Prof. Rong-Jong Wai are in the design and development of intelligent control systems for robot manipulator to achieve a high precision position tracking with firm robustness. Currently, engaged on a Academy of Finland project called SEASPIDER which focus on developing robotic-control systems for the decentralized underwater hydraulic manipulator.

Contact: rajkumar.muthusamy@aalto.fi

Research Interest

  • Grasping
  • Multi-robot Coordination
  • Cooperative Manipulation & learning
  • Physical Human-Robot Interaction
  • Non-linear Systems and  Intelligent Control
  • Fuzzy Neural Network
  • System Integration

Recent Publications

[0] R. Muthusamy and V. Kyrki, “Decentralized grasp planning for Heterogeneous Robots”   , 2016, Submitted.
[1] R. Muthusamy and V. Kyrki, “Performance metrics for robotic grasping system” IEEE IROS workshop on Evaluation and Benchmarking of Underactuated and Soft Robotic Hands , 2016, Accepted.
[2] T. Stoyanov, R. Krug, R. Muthusamy and V. Kyrki, “Grasp Envelopes: Extracting Constraints on Gripper Postures from Online Reconstructed 3D Models,” in 2016 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2016, Accepted.
[3] R. Muthusamy, C. P. Bechlioulis, K. J. Kyriakopoulos and V. Kyrki , “Task Specific Cooperative Grasp Planning for Decentralized Multi-Robot Systems,” in 2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Seattle, Washington, May 2015.
[4] R. Muthusamy and V. Kyrki, “Decentralized Approaches for Cooperative Grasp Planning,” in The 13th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV), Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, December 2014.
[5] Rong-Jong Wai and R. Muthusamy, “Fuzzy-neural-network inherited backstepping control for robot manipulator” IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICT), Korea. 2014.
[6] Rong-Jong Wai and R. Muthusamy, “Design of Fuzzy-Neural-Network Inherited backstepping control of robot manipulator including actuator dynamics,” IEEE Transactions   on Fuzzy Systems  ,Vol. PP, No.99, June 2013.
[7] Rong-Jong Wai and R. Muthusamy, “Fuzzy-neural-network control for robot manipulator via sliding mode design” 9 th Asian Control Conference (ACC), Turkey, 2013.
[8] Rong-Jong Wai and R. Muthusamy, “Fuzzy-neural-network inherited sliding –mode control for robot manipulator including actuator dynamics,” IEEE Transactions  on Neural Network and Learning System, Vol.24, No.2, Feb. 2013.

Research Projects Participated

  • EU FP7 project RECONFIG, 2013-2016:  -Cognitive, Decentralized Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems via Reconfigurable Task Planning, FP7-ICT-600825. More information on the EU RECONFIG Project website
  • National Science Council of Taiwan project, R.O.C. 2009-2012:  -Design of intelligent positioning and velocity sensorless control for multi-link robot manipulator including actuator dynamics, NSC 98-2221-E-155-057-MY3,  (Program Director: R.J.Wai)

Awards and Achievement

  • Doctoral Scholarship: Three and half years Doctoral funding
  • Academic Gold Medal for outstanding performance in Master’s (M.S) study
  • Yuan Ze Scholarship: 2 Years full scholarship for Masters program (M.S.)